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    • Cat Pet Portrait In Pencil
    • Horse Painting - Grey Horse - Bouncer
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      Animal Art for The Animal Lover In Your Life

      Hello, I'm Fiona. I'm An Animal Artist Who Specialises In Animal Art including Pet Portraits, Wildlife Art & Mosaics. I'm Based in Aberdeen, Scotland in the UK

      Welcome Into My Colourful World Of Animal Art

      Thanks for stopping by! ~ Hello, I'm Fiona and I specialise in creating animal art; realistic cat, dog and horse pet portraits produced from your favourite photographs. From start to finish every portrait is completely hand-made. I do not use any digital apps or filters in your artwork, and I use only high-quality art materials for a pet portrait you'll treasure for a lifetime. ~ As you've found yourself here, I guess there’s a good chance you need some animal art, such as a pet portrait? Contact me - I'm here to help. ~ First, let's have some fun & establish if you or someone you know is just a teensy bit obsessed with the family pet ... Do you identify with one or more of the following statements? ❓ 🏑 You think up reasons to avoid social events because you'd rather stay at home with your pets (I'm guilty of that) πŸ—£πŸ± Conversations with your pets are frequent and completely normal (guilty again) πŸ‘š Your fur babies own more expensive items of clothing than you (erm don't mention the cost of horse rugs) 😟 You put up with horrid cramp because you don't want to move Tiddles or Fido, who's fallen asleep on your lap and looks ridiculously cute (guilty yet again) πŸ’» They regularly feature on your social media if you haven't already set up their very own account that is :) ~ 🐱🐢🐴 ~ Do any of the above ring true? Yes? There is no doubt. You, or someone you know, is obsessed with their cat or dog, horse, or hamster and therefore, a piece of animal art made especially for them will make their day! (and yes, it's true - I really have painted someone's pet hamster) Read on to find out more about me ~ ⭐⭐⭐