How to commission me - it's easy :)

Interested in working with me? It's easy to organize - here's what you need to do

Pet Portraits

  • Choose the size, price and medium (i.e. if you want your portrait done in coloured pastels or black and white pencil -see Prices page for guidance)
  • Select some good, clear photographs of the subject and contact me via email with the images (see below for tips on photography) and I will choose the best one(s) to work from
  • Let me know if you have a particular timescale in mind - I usually have a waiting list but will try to accommodate urgent requests
  • When we have agreed on the above, I ask for a £50 deposit, with the remainder to be paid before I send the completed portrait
  • Please note I don't frame your animal portraits, but I do place them in a card mount, ready for you to pop into a frame of your own choice. I ensure that portraits fit into standard, readily available frame sizes, meaning you can choose from a whole world of frames online or off the shelf, or have them professionally done by your local framer.




  • P1000715
  • Spaniel
  • Neave
  • Daisy
  • Bailey

Sparkly Stable Name Plates

  • Email me with your equine friend's name and preferred predominant colour choice. Choose from:
  • Cool blues and greens like Watty and Maguires' pictures to the right or Smartie's fiery reds and yellows. Or,  you can advise of the predominant colour you wish to have e.g. mainly red and I will make up the sign to suit
  • Your stable name plate can have up to a maximum of 7 - 8 letters for £80
  • Other sizes can be accommodated, but please be aware that if your equine friend has a double or triple barrelled name, that will take longer to make and will require more materials :) Contact me for a quote if this is the case
  • Please note that I design each and every piece indiviually and will send you a visual before anything is permanently fixed in place to make sure you are happy with the layout/colour scheme
  • Your sign is supplied with fixings, but please be aware you may need to replace these with an alternative, depending on the surface you will be applying your name plate on to 
  • Waiting time - I am currently working to around a three week turnaround - these are hand made to order with every single piece of tile or mirror cut and placed by hand, before being set in grout, cleaned up and polished. 
  • Maguirenameplate_in_situ
  • Smartie
  • IMG_3250
  • FullSizeRender (9)

Photography hints & tips

For your animal portraits I work directly from your photographs. All you need to do is send me a photo of your little (or large) angel that you would like to have captured on paper forever. I do prefer to have at least 3 or 4 photgraphs to work from and a character description too please -  i.e. are they quiet and gentle, or do they run around causing mayhem from dusk to dawn? I keep that in mind when I'm drawing, striving to capture that spirit in their eyes. I can only do that however if the photographs are clear so please bear the following in mind:

  • High-quality, non-filtered  head and shoulders photographs that let me see the eyes are the best
  • If the photography is not your own and has been taken professionally, please let me know as I would need the permission of the photographer to use their picture
  • Of course, there are instances when you won't have the luxury of a few photos to work from. Perhaps you want a portrait of a long-gone pet as a gift for someone and can only find one curled up printed image from the early 1980's (yes, we used to have lots of actual printed photos way back then)- in which case I will do my best to produce a likeness. We would need to work together closely, with me sending you regular updates for approval before I move on to the next stage and finally finish the portrait
  • Have a look online for "pet photography hints and tips" if you are really unsure. Basically though, the clearer the better, and when it comes to horses' heads, they are nearly always far better at an angle and not looking straight at you

I hope this is helpful. if you are in any doubt just send me your question.