Twinkling owls

I love owls. I love making mosaic owls. I love making mosaic owls and sitting them on their very own, real wooden branches!

To the friends who have been on walks with me and wondered why I spend so much time looking at the ground - here is your answer. It's so I can forage for naturally shed twigs for my owls! So fear not, no shimmying up trees and stealing branches by yours truly, they are all totally natural wastage, all from the Scottish countryside. Who knows, a real owl may even have passed by at some point whilst these twigs were still on the tree :)

Available in two sizes - small or medium, they are made from mdf backing with ceramic and glass tiles and mirror pieces, set in black grout to really make the colours "pop."  I highly recommend that these are only used to adorn the inside of your home. Unlike real owls they object to being outside in the inclement UK climate and if you are abroad - watch out for direct sunlight which can fade colours over time. They're quite delicate little flowers really ...... but, if you want a low maintenance, non-demanding, beautiful owl to keep you company indoors then these are your answer!

£25 for the baby size owl and £35 for the medium. See my shop to order.

The mosaics are all hand-made to order so please expect around a two week delivery time. I should mention too, that no two owls will ever be identical as I use different tiles each time - this ensures you get a completely unique, one-of-a-kind item. When you place your order send me an email and I'll make sure you get pics of your owl in progress to make sure you are happy with the choice of colours. I  hope you can give one of my owls a home.