Pet Portraits in Pencil

Cat Drawings

Cat Drawings

Set against a plain white mount the graphite pencil drawings offer a traditional, yet also a fresh,  contemporary look for your home. 

New for 2021/22 is the A5 size portrait. More compact than the A4 or A3 options, this size is ideal for picking up a ready made frame whilst you do your weekly shop, as most of the larger supermarkets have this size of frame (8 x 6") on their shelves!

I loved seeing this cat pencil drawing come to life, then mounted and placed in a sparkly silver frame.








Dog Pencil Drawings

Dog Drawings

This is a beautiful tribute to "Miller" a much loved pet sadly no longer with us.

I loved working on this one - those kind eyes of his are just so lovely.

I'm often asked to draw or paint a pet that is no longer here as a gift for their for owner which is both a huge honour and a little daunting. 

However, it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction to hear how touched the owners are to receive the portrait of their pet. There's just something  so much more "extra" with a hand-drawn or painted portrait compared to a photograph.







Horse Pencil Drawing

Horse Drawings

Horses are quite a challenge to capture. Get the angle wrong and all you have is a very long face! 

When choosing a photograph for your portrait, try and get the horse side on or with their heads at a slight angle as in the image here. 

It also makes the final portrait more interesting if your equine friend is wearing either a bridle or headcollar, to add some extra appeal. I'm happy to incorporate a standard style headcollar or bridle into the drawing at no extra cost.

I have some hints and tips regarding photography here.







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